Pep Guardiola praises ‘Hamilton’ in excellent form

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Pep Guardiola praises rising forward Micah Hamilton Who debuted with an outstanding performance helping Manchester City beat Red Star Belgrade 3-2 in the UEFA Champions League last night. The

20-year-old winger entered the field for the first team. for the first time and was the leading scorer Including calling a penalty for Calvin Phillips to score the third goal.

“It was a beautiful, well-played goal. I’m very happy with him. He trains with us often. And we saw his skills in person. He scored a great goal and also took a penalty,” Guardiola said. ยูฟ่าเบท

“When he couldn’t go one-on-one, he didn’t hold back, trying to pass the ball and be aggressive in defending. Congratulations to all the Academy players over the years. A lot of the players that have come up, a lot of the players that we sold are playing in the Premier League and the Championship.”

Meanwhile, Guardiola also spoke about Phillips, who started the first match 2 includes every show in this season as well.

“He’s an incredibly good penalty taker. I know Phil (Foden) has ambitions to score but Calvin scored an incredible penalty. The game wasn’t over and it was a shot to build his confidence. too,” the Spanish trainer added.

“It’s a tough game. They clashed one-on-one. They played hard, stopped the game a lot, committed a lot of fouls. We encountered a game that was not easy at all. But we found our quality at the right time.”