‘Xavi’ admits to worry about Barca’s form, asks fans to support ‘Romeu’

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Xavi Hernandez admits he is concerned about his team’s performance. After recently losing to Royal Antwerp 3-2 at the end of the Champions League group stage last night,

Barcelona lost for the second consecutive game in all competitions. After the weekend, they just lost to Girona at home and most recently lost to Antwerp, who were able to collect the first 3 points of the group. Xavi, who

was under pressure, admitted that he was disappoint with the performance, even though Barca Finishing as Group H champion,

“The feeling is not good. We’ve had misfortune, from a 2-2 draw. We could have got more. We’re on a rough patch.

“I’m worried, it’s normal. The team is not comfortable. We’re on a bad run, we’ve had two negative results. We have to be critical of ourselves. We have to improve. The opposing team generates chances, but it’s hard for us to do so. We have to improve. And know that we are not on a good run.”

Xavi also spoke on Oriol Romeu, who was at fault for Antwerp’s first two goals.

“Defeat doesn’t make us feel good. We were unlucky to draw 2-2, we could have won. We are in difficult times right now,” the Spaniard said.

“I’m worried. It’s normal. We have continued poor performance. And We had two unfavorable results in a row. We have to criticize ourselves, we have to improve. “

Opponent teams can create opportunities, but it’s difficult for us to do that. We have to improve and know that the performance is not


. Will return to La Liga by visiting Valencia this weekend. They are currently rank 4th in the table.