Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis.

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Contact Dermatitis occurs on areas of skin that come into direct contact with substances that cause allergies or irritations. Most often, itchy rashes occur immediately or within hours after exposure to the substance body. And symptoms may last for 2–4 weeks . 

Symptoms may vary depending on the cause of the irritation. The common symptoms that can be found are as follows:UFABET 

  • A red rash on the skin, often itchy.
  • Dry, cracked or flaky skin
  • The skin is swollen, red, or thicken. The skin may turn darker than normal. Such as purple, dark brown, or gray. 
  • Blisters appear And sometimes there may be lymph oozing out.
  • A burning sensation, skin sensitive to light, or tenderness in the affect area of ​​the skin. 

If the patient is expose to a substance that does not cause a severe allergic reaction like soap or detergent. Symptoms often appear after frequent exposure to these substances. But if the rash is caused by an allergen such as cosmetics or jewelry made from metal Symptoms may last 2–3 days.

In cases where a rash appears and spreads quickly especially around the face or genitals Symptoms do not improve within 3 weeks. Or the above symptoms affect sleep daily life or the patient’s confidence should see a doctor

However, if you have the following symptoms Contact Dermatitis: You should seek immediate medical attention as this may be a sign of a serious condition.

  • Pain or inflammation of the eyes and airways. This may be cause by inhaling allergens.
  • Severe rash and damage to the mucous membranes in the mouth or digestive system
  • The rash suddenly worsens Feeling sore or pus draining from the skin and having a fever. Which can cause a skin infection