Complications of obesity.

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Obesity may increase the risk of health complications such as high blood pressure. High blood fat Respiratory problems, asthma, irregular menstruation Pain in bones and joints, back pain, osteoarthritis,  gallstones, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke. various cancers, leading to more serious and chronic health problems.

Additionally, obesity can lead to mental health problems that can affect your life, such as a lack of self-confidence. Feelings of loneliness, introversion, separation, problems with relationships, social interaction, study, work, or may lead to depression UFABET

Prevention of obesity.
Obesity caused by consumption and lifestyle habits. Can be prevented by controlling diet and controlling consumption behavior such as eating fruits and vegetables. Avoid unhealthy food High in fat or sugar Drink water instead of sugary drinks or soft drinks.  Exercise appropriately. Including weighing yourself regularly to keep your weight within normal limits.

Obesity often affects your health in various ways, such as being easily tired, easily overheated, easily sweating, having trouble breathing, snoring, having difficulty doing various activities, or other serious health problems that follow. In addition, your appearance may make you feel. not confident in oneself Leads to problems in relationships with others, social interaction, and mental health problems such as depression .