Liverpool with Out Class games on and off the pitch

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Liverpool with Out Class games on and off the pitch.

Many people know what Liverpool problem is at this time. But no one thought they would beaten by Brighton in an “outclass” way. With no way to fight in the last Premier League game like this.

This season, the Reds have had problems since the pre-season, the main players have injure alternately and continuously. While the game in the trading market does not seem to go according to plan very much.

Jurgen Klopp knows the midfield is in desperate need of a new signing. Therefore, the news came out that they were very keen to grab Monaco’s Aurelian Jouameni, but in the end, the player chose to move to Real Madrid, causing Liverpool to turn to buy Darwin Nunez. instead

The Uruguayan striker is not a replacement for the France international as he plays in different positions. But the German boss bought them to replace Sadio Mane’s move and he plans to use Luis Diaz on the left flank, with Nunez already in front.

In midfield, he always said that the existing players were still usable. And he is satisfi with this team. So the change didn’t happen. And he also hopes to feature Thiago Alcantara, Jordan Henderson and Fabinho for another year before spending the next summer.

However, injuries and declining form have deviated from Klopp’s plans. Since the first match of the season, Liverpool players have not been able to maintain a consistent form of play. Has always been in a tumultuous state and even though there was still time to buy someone to add to the middle of the field, but in the end, he could only borrow Arthur Melo to join the team. And the conclusion is that the player is injure and can’t use it anymore.

So everyone always knew what the problem was. And continued to see the poorness of the team. Before the abscess came to break in the game. That was taught by Brighton in the game last night

Jurgen Klopp real 11 is almost set. That led the team to win 4 championships last season. But when he went on the field, the form returned like a team that had recently played together. While the home team, despite the loss of Graham Potter, they still have Roberto De Serbi. Who continues the work flawlessly.