Manchester United players – Manchester City, Manchester derby game

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Manchester United players – Manchester City, Manchester derby game.

Manchester United

David De Gea – 6
Don’t need to start too much because throughout the game City only shot on target once. As for the rhythm of the ball today, there are still some mistakes in the rhythm by squeezing it open for a long time.

Rafael Varane – 8
Marks Erling Haaland so well that he barely gets a chance to play on the ball. There are also beautiful defensive moments that help the team many times in the second half.

Luke Shaw – 8
Still active at centre-back alongside Varane, today he played brilliantly with both interceptions and man-marking.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 7
Defensive games did a great job of shutting down Phil Foden, but he struggled against Grealish, but overall it’s been good. In addition, today there are some moments to show off skills in the offensive game.

Tyrell Malacia – 7
Defensive roles are quite outstanding in dealing with Riyad Mahrez, who tackles with accuracy and certainty. Survive well in tight spaces.

Casemiro – 8,
standing low to cover the space in midfield. Controlling the rhythm of the game in the middle of the field Plays a big role in helping to keep the ball from City cutting into the middle. Made one assist from a long place for Bruno to score.

Fred – 8
, shadowing De Bruyne, doing well in the first half, but there were some slippages early in the second half. But still have diligence in chasing the ball, creating benefits for the team well at the end

Christian Eriksen – 6
Keeps the ball out of the field. But today the role is not very clear. The defensive game can only stand and control the zone. Today’s offensive game is still too lacking, creating few opportunities.

Bruno Fernandes – 8
A pivotal part of Manchester United’s attack, scoring one goal from his shot to help the team level. Keep releasing long balls to create opportunities for the team. and also helps to chase the ball off the area in the defensive game

Marcus Rashford – 8
Seems to be injured in the first half but continues to play. Is a dangerous person in the front, using speed to create opportunities for the team many times Participated in the first two goals that let Bruno shoot with the second ball that charged close to the winning goal

Anthony Martial – 5
Barely played ballen in the first half. before being substituted at half time