Trotsar would name more home game against Liverpool

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Trotsar would name in one more home game against Liverpool.

“He left the training session without telling me anything. And it’s not a good thing. I’ve already talked to him. And I explained to him about the attitude. The behavior that I didn’t like,” De Zerbie told

Which after this press conference went out not long ago. The player’s agent, Josie Komhair, also released a statement about the story. Stating that the issue of contract length was something. That changed the situation. Along with the other side of the story that is different from. What the coach tells the media.

“Before Leandro left the team for Qatar. (He joined the Belgian national team, played in the World Cup finals.) Brighton wanted to sign a new contract with him. But it doesn’t happen Unable to find a consensus. Leandro has the desire to take the next step in his career.

“After returning from the World Cup There has quarrel between Leandro. And one player on the team during practice which is a small matter But after that the manager never spoke to him again. It was clear that it was a terrible atmosphere. And it’s not about his performance.”

“He started the game against Southampton and Arsenal before. But when it comes to the game against Everton He became a substitute. and was not replace on the field. That game Without any explanation in this regard. When it comes to the game with Middlesbrough in the FA Cup. The player has told the team he has a calf problem. That was the reason why he stopped practicing. to discuss the injury with the club’s medical team Later the manager told him to train separately and told Leandro in front of the squad that he didn’t want to see him again.

“With a manager who has not had direct communication with the players for four weeks, it is incomprehensible. And it’s the same manager who said a transfer was the best solution. So it would be important for Brighton. will cooperate with the players in terms of transfers so that it is mutually beneficial for both parties.”

It is an interview with both sides that are clearly different. and up to this point no one knows “What is the truth?” Except for both parties to know the story. Because at this point there must be truth. and not true in the story But the obvious is Their “communication within the organization” certainly has a problem. that finally made the story come to this point

If the club is an organization, the manager/coach is the supervisor. A kicker is an employee in an organization. at any level The work between the coach and the players always affects each other in both positive and negative ways. In the situation between De Zerbi and Trotsar, it was clear that there was some misunderstanding. and such problems returned unable to finish the matter internally and make this matter “Loss vs. Loss” for both sides

In Brighton and De Zerby’s view, of course, they are as employers/supervisors, they want the best out of the players. football agent However, in the information it is clear that Trotsar has a contract until mid-2023, but Brighton has the option to extend the contract for another year, which has been mutually agreed since the signing of the contract. Like in the case of Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) or William Saliba (Arsenal), which have contracts like this, etc. Therefore, negotiating a new contract for Brighton. It is therefore possible to keep players and keep the player’s value going forward.

in the player’s corner It is very likely that Trotsar wants to move out of the team. His performance has become more and more prominent as he has been working on the team. Observed at the simplest point, Trotsar’s name began to be mentioned more widely among football fans. Including news with Newcastle, Spurs or Chelsea with his former boss Graham Potter working. more and more currents at the age of 28 years, the age of the contract that is about to expire earning (Both from the point of view of players – agents) to the opportunity to achieve high success. Everything tempted Trotsar to look at options other than extending his contract. Which is no different from the case of Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha, who is in the same position, only Zaha’s contract is about to expire in the middle of this year. There are no additional options.