Manchester United beat Manchester City 2-1 on Saturday night’s Premier League game

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Manchester United beat Manchester City 2-1 on Saturday night’s Premier League game.

Manchester United came from behind to beat Manchester City 2-1. With the visitors taking the lead through Jack Grealish in the 60th minute. But then scoring twice back from Bruno Fernandes. 72nd minute and Marcus Rashford in the 82nd minute got 3 points at home beautifully.

The game start as Manchester City dominated the attack more. While Manchester United tried to close the area and wait for an opportunity from a mistake.

In the 10th minute, Bruno had a chance to win first from the shot in the penalty area. But broke too many joints. Unfortunately the ball fell out of the frame

In the 23rd minute, Haaland pressed with the left in the penalty area. But still going to block Casemiro

In the 34th minute, Rashford fell into the penalty area, Ederson came out and missed the ball. But still shot to stick with Arkanyi, who retreated to control the line in time

Two minutes later, Foden made a header in the penalty area. But was squeezed by Wan-Bissaka, causing a misdirection into De Gea’s hand.

In the 37th minute, Rashford fell single into the frame again. But still shot to save Ederson, who came out to close the corner brilliantly

During injury time, Walker tried to shine from a distance, the ball curved off the post just a little bit.

And the first 45 minutes were still tied 0-0.

Starting the second half is still the away team that has more possession of the ball to attack.

Until the 60th minute, Manchester City took the lead from the moment. When De Bruyne fell to the end of the back line. Before opening it to the second post for Grealish to strike openly into the goal.

In the 67th minute, Wan-Bissaka filled in, tried to shoot from a distance. But deflected Ake the ball out of the back.

In the 78th minute, Manchester United scored an equalizer from the moment Casemiro paid through the hole to reach Rashford, who was offside, but allowed Bruno to have a clear shot against Ederson.

But then, in the 82nd minute, the home team took a 2-1 lead from the moment Carnarcho fell to the left. Before opening into the middle for Rashford to charge, not miss.

After that, City tried to open the game hard, hoping to get an equalizer goal. But still can’t find the rhythm to finish.

Making the end of 90 minutes, Manchester United turned over and won Manchester City 2-1.