Fracture of “Brighton-Trotsar”

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Fracture of “Brighton-Trotsar

Leandro Trotsar (28 years, contract until mid-2023), winger for the Belgian national team Clearly wanting to bid farewell to Brighton and Hove Albion. The club that to this day. He has play with the most in his career.

Trotsar joined Brighton in 2019 for around €15m. His first move outside of Belgium. And it was the club that later made him fully informed. Both in the Premier League. Including stepping into the Belgium senior national team for the first time in 2020 and he reached the World Cup finals in 2022 late last year.

For the past 3 years, he has always key player for the team. Contributing more than 30 games per season as a key player. And coming in this season, there are up to 17 games in every program. But what is clearly different is his “status” in the team and it has only happened in recent weeks.

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“The Seagull” in the era of Graham Potter is one of the clubs that have been praised for their excellent work. And is a team that has few stars but works a lot with beauty and efficiency They have invested in inexpensive players who have performed well over the years, Trotsar being one of them. He was the first Potter. Pulled to join him in his first trading market with the team. However, those good performances gave Potter a big opportunity to manage Chelsea. Who now still does not know how long he will stay with the team After the performance is not pretty at all

The arrival of Roberto de Cherbi, the first Italian coach in club history. become an important turning point When the arrival of a new coach who still gives confidence to the players in the early stages of the team Started to have dissatisfaction in terms of the playing attitude of this player. And since the day of his return from the World Cup finals, Brighton has played 5 games in all competitions, Trotsar has been involved in 4 games, divided into 2 starting 2 substitutes (1 failed to play Played 1) and 1 unnamed game in the team. Previously, De Serby had come out to mention the reason for this during the FA game. Cup third round last week. Which Trotsar was not included in the squad to play in that game.

“I don’t know what his future holds. But I think he is one of the best players for us. He is one of the most important people on the team. I’ve always liked playing him in the first XI, but it’s not just up to me. It has to depend on him as well, I don’t know. For me, I need players who play for the team on the pitch. And he knows the idea of ​​his work. I have spoken to him about this many times.”

“I like him as a player. But I want more from him. Because he can play better. can work harder You can run more than this. I need someone who is 100 per cent in every training session and every game of the team. If a player doesn’t have this character they don’t play in my team.