Chelsea set review medical team work believe

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Chelsea set to review medical team work believed the reason for the low performance.

Chelsea to assess the work of the entire new club’s medical team. After the players suffered a lot of injuries. And affecting the ranks in the Premier League table at this time

Chelsea have been in a dire situation having won just one of their last nine games. With their most recent defeat at Fulham 2-1 and a red card for new arrival Joao Felix. And will ban immediately for three games. While another midfielder, Denis Zakaria, became the latest player to suffer an injury. Which when combined with injuries before. Whether Wesley Fofana, Reese James, Ben Chilwell, Armando Broja, Ruben Loftus-Cheek , Christian Pulisic, N’Golo Kante, Raheem Sterling. Edouard Mendy mean that in the next game. They will not have at least 11 players available as alternatives to the team. The absence of up to 11 players makes them the team. With the most unavailable players in the Premier League at this time. With Arsenal the team with the least unavailable players by number. 2 people

According to The UFABET. Chelsea to conduct full review of the team’s injury care staff. According to Todd Boehly and the Board of Directors. Which believes that injury is an important factor that makes Graham Potter’s team have a bad performance Since moving to take over the team

During Todd Bohly’s takeover of the club. That came with a number of changes to the team, from the board, management, to the staff. Among them is Paco Biosa, the club’s chief medical officer. Who has worked since 2011, and Thierry Laurent, who is the club’s head of physio. Who have been working together since 2014. Left the team and has hired an external agency in the part of the physical therapy team to take care of it instead. Which doesn’t get much confidence from the players. And there was a dissatisfaction that two teams. Who had work with the team for a long time. Were let go of the team and vice versa. They feel that many times they get call back into the game too soon. Or not yet ready to enter the field

Therefore, Chelsea is in the process of evaluating the work of the medical team. And prepare to lead the medical team at the club back again. For the goal of reducing the injury problems. That ate them until being part of the failure in the team’s performance that occurs at this time

Chelsea are 10th in the Premier League table after 18 games, 10 points behind the Champions League places.