NBA basketball Betting Tips

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NBA basketball Betting Tips.

The 2017-2018 NBA season has just start. So I decided to put together a list of tips to help you win more games. These 2017-2018 NBA basketball Betting Tips. Designed to help you. This season and in seasons to come.

The early-season games often have surprises. But as the season progresses and you accumulate more information. You can identify trends and how teams gel. Many winning bettors don’t place many bets early in the season because of the unpredictability.

Back-to-Back Games

Playing games on back-to-back nights is one of the hardest things on NBA teams. If you track the performance of the second game of back-to-back schedules, you quickly see the proof of this.

The bookmakers know this as well and adjust their line to account for it. But the general betting public rarely considers. This so in order to balance the action. Sometimes the lines aren’t moved as far as they should be.

You track the performance of teams and know that Houston is a strong team, but, like most teams, doesn’t play as well on the second night of back-to-back games. In the second game of a back-to-back, they are favored by four at home.

Travel Schedules

It’s common knowledge that, on average, home teams in the NBA do better than road teams. This is the same in just about any sport you can think of.

But, just like back-to-back games. The important thing is to know how much better, on average, a home team performs. How much worse a road team performs. It’s not enough to know that home teams do better than road teams. The key part of this is how much.

When you have all of the information about how each team performs in a match-up based on their schedule, you have to be able to evaluate the game correctly to identify value in the lines. Let’s to see at UFABET