‘Mike Dean’ has no doubts’Arsenal-Manchester Uinited’

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Mike Dean, a former Premier League referee, has expressed his view that Anthony Taylor and the VAR team made the correct decision in every moment of the problem. There were no errors during the game: Arsenal beat Manchester United 3-1 in a

big match at the Emirates Stadium. Last Sunday was full of problems. Especially in the 88th minute, Alejandro Carnocho missed a shot and was caught offside by VAR. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

“Red Devils” manager Eric Ten Hag expressed his frustration in a post-game interview, insisting that Carnacho’s shot was deserved. Goal and criticized VAR for using the wrong camera angle. Make them lose victory

“It was very evenly matched. And I can understand why the linesman didn’t raise the flag.” Dean, as a former refereeing veteran, 

“When I saw it with my naked eyes for the first time I thought it was a door. But you can’t fault the technology, as VAR correctly marked Carnacho’s shoulder.

“I understand a bit about United’s manager because the camera angles we see are not ideal. But the VAR line is in the right place.

” Also criticized for the refereeing in the other two situations, Jonny Evans was fouled first, Declan Rice scored 2-1 and Rasmus Hoilund collided with Gabriel Magalhaes but didn’t. Got a penalty

“I don’t think Hoilund’s stroke was a penalty,” Dean again contrasted in the aftermath

. They both fought for the ball and Hoilund pulled his arm to knock the opposition down.”

Earlier, there was an unfavorable decision for Arsenal, with Kai Havertz putting the ball in. The penalty area was hit by Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who Taylor initially scored a penalty but then changed his mind after looking at the VAR screen.

“At first I and everyone in the stadium thought it was definitely a penalty, but VAR gave us the correct decision,” Dean continued of the Havertz moment. “Another slow picture

. It was revealed that Bissaka had not committed a foul and that it was Havertz who dragged his leg during his run. “I can understand

why Taylor pointed out the penalty, but VAR did a good job of… Tell him to go see the screen. To make the right decision.”

Miguel Arteta was asked after the game about Taylor’s decision and VAR as well, to which the Spanish coach gave the answer:

“Everyone knows that VAR is part of the game. And I think the timing of today’s problems Can be looked at from many angles However, from the overall performance, we deserved to win.”