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Trotsar would name more home game against Liverpool

Trotsar would name in one more home game against Liverpool. “He left the training session without telling me anything. And it’s not a good thing. I’ve already talked to him. And I explained to him about the attitude. The behavior that I didn’t like,” De Zerbie told Which

Fracture of “Brighton-Trotsar”

Fracture of “Brighton-Trotsar” Leandro Trotsar (28 years, contract until mid-2023), winger for the Belgian national team Clearly wanting to bid farewell to Brighton and Hove Albion. The club that to this day. He has play with the most in his career. Trotsar joined Brighton in 2019

Chelsea set review medical team work believe

Chelsea set to review medical team work believed the reason for the low performance. Chelsea to assess the work of the entire new club’s medical team. After the players suffered a lot of injuries. And affecting the ranks in the Premier League table at this time Chelsea have been in a

Liverpool with Out Class games on and off the pitch

Liverpool with Out Class games on and off the pitch. Many people know what Liverpool problem is at this time. But no one thought they would beaten by Brighton in an “outclass” way. With no way to fight in the last Premier League game like this. This season, the

Liverpool rank after the end of the season.

Liverpool rank after the end of the season. After the defeat to Brighton collap last game of the Premier League. The UFABET website Was open to football fans to vote on the future of Liverpool. After this season. Most of agree in the same way. That they will not be

Rio young Man Utd players outstanding Manchester City

Rio pays tribute to young Man Utd players for outstanding form against Manchester City. Rio Ferdinand has congratulated his former club Manchester United against Manchester City in their latest Premier League game and heaped praise on youngster Alejandro Ka. Nacho. Who also made assists in this game. According to reports from